To Feature or not to feature.

ALLERT: This is yet another interior inspired post. 

Ever since I have moved into my own place I have developed an immense passion for interior design... I am by no means an interior designer but I find it far more interesting to scour Pinterest for home inspiration, creating hundreds of boards for different rooms and themes, than fashion or any other subject. There is something really satisfying about constantly updating your home and almost having that feeling of being never quite finished with your house. It feels to me almost like a continuos project which I massively enjoy as appose to it feeling like a chore, which is the normal feeling I associate with projects ( remembering those sleepless nights trying to complete course work).

This post is dedicated to feature walls. Personally I really love a feature wall. I feel as though it adds a special element to a room that makes it stand out. Obviously if you prefer the minimalistic neutral colour palette the idea of having a feature wall may lead your mind to think of bold prints and bright colours but that is not necessarily the case. A feature wall does not  need to involve those elements ( I do however love the idea of bold bright prints) it can be a really simple contrast to the rest of the room.

A feature wall can consist of printed wallpaper, a stencilled quote, shelves with ornate ornaments and books, framed pieces of art and the list goes on...

Frame feature wall

Printed Wallpaper

Mirrored feature wall

Shelved feature wall


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