Estee Lauder Pretty Naughty Tease Gelee Blush

As soon as I saw this highlighter from the Pretty Naughty collection I just had to get it. In general I am a big fan of Estee Lauder products from there concealer to lipsticks and blushers. The packaging is really luxurious and the products do not disappoint. The same applied to this highlighter, the packaging is beautiful, the shade and the pigmentation are all incredible.

This highlighter gives a really natural glow/highlight to the cheekbones and below the brow bone (where I like to place my highlighter). The pigmentation is great, you need to apply the smallest amount to get colour pay off and the intensity of the shade is buildable. This highlight has slowly but surely become my favourite highlighter I own.  I normally go for quite a vivid gold based highlight, were as this is more of a pink tone highlight. I did not think a pink illuminating highlight would suit me but I am happy to say it does. Has anyone else purchased or tried the Pretty Naughty highlight in tease? If so what do you think??


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