The Sporty Flamingo

Sometimes a girl just wants to be comfortable, that means no heels, comfy trousers and a slouchy jumper. In all honest I feel my most comfortable when I am dressed down as in this outfit. What are your favourite comfortable pieces you own? 

This jumper really reminds me of the Kenzo style jumper that has been plastered on almost every other blog and social media site. I do love the style of the Kenzo jumper but I really do not see the point in paying so much for a casual style jumper. I prefer to save up for more classic pieces that I know I will get a lot of use out of. Don't  you feel the same?



Holographic Accessories .. feel the love

This is a trend I have love, it is edgy, unique and conspicuous. From Stella Mccartney to the highstreet, it is evident that holographic accessories are a must. A holographic accessory is definitely holding strong on my wishlist for this season. I do not always follow particular trends but sometimes you just can not help but be drawn in. This trend, I am proud to say, I have fallen into the hype with  arms wide open.  A simple look can look really put together with the perfect accessories.
Stella McCartney's holographic accessories this season are the perfect balance were edgy meets glamorous. The falabella holographic clutch is my favorite. What are your thought on this trend? Have you too given in to the hype?



I believe in Pink.....

Pink defines utter femininity whether it be fuchsia fluro pink or a soft pastel shade.  I always remember being asked at school 'What is your favourite colour?', if you were a  girl your favourite colour had to be pink and if it wasn't you were oddly fround upon. I would not say it was always my favourite colour, nor is it now, however I do have a childhood kind of fondness towards it.

Excuse the ramble, this post is dedicated to all things pink so do braise yourselves. If you are not a fan of any shade of pink I suggest you look away now.. and if you are a fan well welcome to a post dedicated to all things pink x


Trend Alert!! Monochrome Black and White Spring 2013!

The monochrome trend is one we see emerging almost every other season and rightly so. The monochrome look is edgy yet wearable. This is a big trend emerging this Spring/Summer.
     I also love the adrogonous style monochrome pants I have seen on the high street. What do you guys think of this trend? Do the catwalks proove everything looks better in black and white?
On the catwalk
                                             Michael Kors Spring Summer 2013 full collection here
Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2013  full collection here 
Marissa Webb Spring Summer 2013

Celebrities sporting the monochrome look 

Jessica Alba

Street Style Inspiration 




Hey all,

Happy Friday!!! I am going to be creating top 5 tips every few weeks. This weeks top 5 tips is all to do with lipstick. I thought this may  be a helpful post as in the past I have had disasters when it comes to lipstick and I figured these tips/rules are actually really helpful. Let me know if you already apply your lipstick in this way?

This is an important step if your lips are dry and chapped. By exfoliating your lips you get rid of any dead skin and leaves a smooth plumpness to the lips, a good base before applying lipstick.

Here are a few great exfoliators (You can also use a face exfoliator.. or if you are really creative you could always make your own lip exfoliator)

Once you have exfoliated your lips, apply a moisturising lip balm. This will help lock in the moisture and create a good base for your lipstick. When I apply my lipstick I normally wipe of any excess lipbalm with a tissue.

By lining your lips with a lipliner it prevents your lipstick from bleeding and also stains the lips. By lining the lips it allows your lipstick to last longer. It also defines your lipshape more and generally allows the application of lipstick to be a lot smoother. You can either line your lips with a lipliner similar to the colour of your natural lip or one that matches the colour lipstick you are applying.

Generally when we choose lip colours we go by our skintone but I have found this to be unaffective. I tend to choose a lipstick by my natural lip colour. By choosing a lipstick that suits your natural lipcolour you can find the nude lip or some people say 'your lips but better' shade. 

The perfect nude should be.... slightly lighter or darker than your natural lip colour.. try it!!

The perfect brights:
Pale lips: cherry red or coral
Natural redish lips: try hot pink, orange, or cranberry
Dark lips: brick red and burgundy are ideal.

Once you have applied your lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue. This will stain the lips, then reapply another coat of lip colour.

I hope you find these simple tips as helpful as I do.
 Let me know what your top tips are for applying lipstick.



Current Beauty Cosmetic wishlist

I have compiled a list of products I am lusting after and I thought I would share them with you. This wish list includes both cosmetics and skincare. What is on your wishlist this month? How beautiful is the DIOR lipstick?



L'oreal Paris GlamShine Stain Splash Full UK review

When I first saw these products released in the USA a few weeks ago I was instantly excited and curious to try them out. These lip gloss stains come in 12 shades from nudes and paley pinks to fuschia and dark plum. They currantly retain in the US for $8 or $9 dollers which is the kind of price I expected.

Now you may be wondering why I was so excited to try these and I will tell you exactly why. One reason I simply could not wait to try these is because YSL (with the infamous glossy stain lip tints) are owned by L'oreal and I am a big fan of both YSL cosmetics and the beautiful YSL Rouge pur couture glossy stains.

As I mentioned, being a fan of the YSL rouge glossy stains naturally I could not help but compare the L'real color caresse lip stains... I will however focus on reviewing the product individually and do a full comparison in another blog post.


The packaging (in my opinion) is gorgeous. They look very high end and I love the fact you can actually see the colour of the gloss just below the rim of the cap.

Beautiful and varied colour range (12 shades/ 6 in thr UK)

Pigemented?  Upon one application these lip tints feel very watery however the colour is buildable and I suggest applying at least 2 to 3 coats of colour to the lips.

They have a slightly tacky feel on the lips which does not bother me and all lip tints I have tried tend to feel like this on the lips. 

Very long lasting.  They leave a gorgeous stain to the lips that is very long lasting.

Leaves a glossy finish to the lips.

Slightly scented ( A very similar, if not the same scent as the YSL rouge glossy stains)

RRP £7.99

Overall I am really impressed with these lip tints,  from the luxurious packaging to the actual longevity of the lip product itself and lets not forget the price.  Do let me know what you think of these should you try them?

Out now in the UK!

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