Rimmel Apocalips , a YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain dupe?

Finally, the Rimmel Apocalips is released in UK stores. This product is something I have wanted to try as soon as I heard about it and after it being released last week I could not help but go to my local Boots and purchase a colour.

Thoughts on the product:

The packaging is not anything extraordinary, which is what is to be expected from a high street brand like Rimmel.

The pigmentation this lip product offers is honestly incredible. However, is this comparable to the YSL glossy stain.. no. I own the YSL glossy stain and I can confidently say that this is not a dupe; at best the Rimmel Apocalips is an incredibly pigmented lip gloss.  The YSL glossy stain has a more tacky feel to it and lasts a lot longer than the Rimmel Apocalips. Also, the YSL is quite sheer upon one application; you need to apply about two coats to get a deeper colour to the lips.

So, pigmentation is great, packaging is standard however the main down for me is the smell, this product has a really artificial scent and not the artificial that one would associate with flowers or something sweet smelling. This in fact has a really odd scent to it which is not to pleasant.

I believe this product comes in 8 shades, I chose celestial as I think this is a great day to night colour. This product retails at £5.99. Do I recommend it? Yes, if you are looking for a super pigmented lip gloss that is not sticky then this is the one for you and at £5.99 it will not break the bank. Revlon have a 3 for 2 at Boots at the moment which is where I purchased mine.
Rate overall: 6.5/10

So what are your thoughts? Have you surrendered to the hype and purchased this product also?


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