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Jacquard weave is a big trend for this Autumn, Winter and is something I am seeing a lot of in high street stores. Although I do try and keep up to date with trends, I do not follow them all. This particular trend is one that reemerges every Autumn , Winter and I love. This type of weaved fabric is gorgeous and depending on the colours can also look really festive. I have a few jacquard pieces that I have bought over the years, however this season there are so many that have really caught my eye.

I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite pieces that you can find on the high street.

Tips for styling:

These printed weaved pieces make a great statement to an outfit and often look nice paired with another simple article of clothing for EG jacquard trousers look great with a plain blouse, shirt or tee and can be dressed down or dressed up for a night out. Depending on how daring you are you could even clash prints, if you own jacquard pants, you could always team them with a floral shirt for a statement look.


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