Floral Pastel Colours ft my favourite shoes

Hi all,

In this look I am featuring one of my favourite pairs of heels. These shoes are really old, over 3 years! But I love them just as much as when I first purchased them. Do any of you have something you bought years ago but still love? 
If not then I guess I am one of the few.

I do not really believe in stringent colour co ordination and as you can see in this look the colours do not match but I somehow think it works, what do you think?

ASOS Flower detail top available here, H&M Polka dot pants, River Island heels, Chanel Bag
Buddha bracelet from Acuarela Accessories on etsy, Lavand boutique woven silver bracelet



  1. LOVE the top Maris! The flowers remind me of the camellia's that Chanel pieces often feature :) And i LOVE your handbag!! Ah the colour is beautiful for the upcoming A/W!! Hope your having a good start to the week :) xxxx

    1. @TheClaudiaCouture thank you sweety. I hope your having a great week too. xx

  2. wow ur top is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it! hop up to my blog if u want! ;)

    send u kisses

  3. Great combination...!!!!
    Love the pants.....
    The colors are Wonderful!!!



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