Feeling grey

Hello all,

I have not posted on here in a few months but as I always say I am  going to be consistent from here on out and post an outfit of the day once a week.

This look entails a full blown sequin skirt with a simple turtle neck sweater and a leather grey bag. Arguably sequins in any form are not for everyone, some people find them dated or even tacky but for me I am just obsessed. I think sequins, whether it be a fully sequined dress, slight beading on a blouse or a sequin top/jacket , are so much fun and really add the wow factor to an outfit. These shinny gems have been around in different forms even before the 17th century so there is definitely a lot to say for this trend.



Blacked out

Hello lovelies,

I have to confess that I love to wear an all black outfit, it is such a flattering colour and requires little effort in terms of putting together. The way I like to add a little something special to an all black outfit is by wearing different textures/fabrics and incorporating a p op of colour whether it be through an accessory or a bold lip.

In this outfit I am wearing a black textured sweat dress with frill hem paired with a suede tasselled biker jacket, a simple black tote and caged snake skin heels. I added that vibrance by wearing mirrored blue sunglasses and my fluffy fuchsia bag charm.



24 hour sequins & sparkles

Hello! Finally I am back after the longest time. I have re designed my blog so let me know what you think.  

If there is one thing you need to know about me it's that I love sequins and anything sparkly. If I am ever shopping or browsing with a friend and I see something sequiny I have to hold myself back and convince myself I don't need another sparkly number.. but really can you ever have too many?!? 

This skirt is a gorgeous peachy shade with a slight split and covered in sequins. I paired it with a black loose Guns n Roses tee and a bomber. Ultimately the trainers, bomber and tee make this outfit quite casual however if you change the trainers to heels you are ready for a night out. That really is what I love about sequins, the fact you choose whether you want your look to be casual or formal. 

What do you think about sequins? Do you wear sequins only for special occasions or are you like me and throw on a pair of flats for the day?



Getting ready for the festival season

After seeing countless photos from Coachella in LA I can not help but feel really excited about all of the great festivals that will be soon approaching all over the UK. This post is based around my top 5 accessory must haves for the festival season.

The Floral Head Band



To Feature or not to feature.

ALLERT: This is yet another interior inspired post. 

Ever since I have moved into my own place I have developed an immense passion for interior design... I am by no means an interior designer but I find it far more interesting to scour Pinterest for home inspiration, creating hundreds of boards for different rooms and themes, than fashion or any other subject. There is something really satisfying about constantly updating your home and almost having that feeling of being never quite finished with your house. It feels to me almost like a continuos project which I massively enjoy as appose to it feeling like a chore, which is the normal feeling I associate with projects ( remembering those sleepless nights trying to complete course work).

This post is dedicated to feature walls. Personally I really love a feature wall. I feel as though it adds a special element to a room that makes it stand out. Obviously if you prefer the minimalistic neutral colour palette the idea of having a feature wall may lead your mind to think of bold prints and bright colours but that is not necessarily the case. A feature wall does not  need to involve those elements ( I do however love the idea of bold bright prints) it can be a really simple contrast to the rest of the room.

A feature wall can consist of printed wallpaper, a stencilled quote, shelves with ornate ornaments and books, framed pieces of art and the list goes on...

Frame feature wall

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